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Madam Bruno hails from one of the most historic, cultured, creative and most beautiful regions on the planet, Napoli in Italy. Coming from a region so diverse and rich in culture, since a child, Madam Bruno took full advantage of her surroundings.

Quenching her own curiosities and desires by focusing on sound and vision, she studied all aspects of theatre and music.
Now she uses these skills with her magnificent voice and creative acting abilities to really command shows.

Her pallet of taste and inspirations is vast and matches her experience within theatrical and musical productions. Not only on stage but backstage and technical.
Collaborations have taken her as far afield as Netherlands, France, Germany, Belgium and Ethiopia, as well as all around her home country, Italy, where she remains a known favourite!

Madam Bruno is a marvelous force of nature and a show within herself, bringing all emotions to anyone lucky enough to be watching or listening!
So be sure to check events or come and find Madam Bruno spinning the barrel organ for the lovely people in the Amsterdam streets.

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