MadamBruno & the Amazing DeanDonDan

 have been travelling through time and dimensions to bring unforgettable sounds to the streets of an otherwise distracted universe. Jalando!!!

Since the early 2000s MadamBruno has been  singing with the barrel organ. She begun with Enzo Mirone,

together they created Girovaghi a Manovella  and begun performing at concerts, festivals and on the street.

Later MadamBruno moved to Amsterdam and seemed destined to meet Fons Boer who invited her to sing along with his custom barrel organ.

Now MadamBruno needed  her own, so sought out Emmanuel Odin.

Within nine months her new baby was constructed, curved and painted  with love.

 When MadamBruno & the Amazing DeanDonDan

 went to France to pick up the cutie

Back in the time with Barrel organs