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Fajadja is a 6-piece dance band based in Amsterdam. Since its formation in 2016, several iterations of the band have existed featuring musicians from all over the world, each bringing the musical roots of their country with them. The band met through Amsterdam’s thriving music scene, with a shared vision to make a new band for Amsterdammers to party with. Fajadja is a bass-heavy act with influences including disco funk, hip-hop, reggae and ska. The band has played some of Amsterdam’s most iconic venues is now working on new material for an upcoming album and tour, so expect to see them in a town near you soon!

During the late summer of 2019 Madam Bruno  joins the 2000Motels, a  band playing music of Frank Zappa.

A new amazing challenge for her as a  vocalist and a chance to deep dive in the musical world of this well missed genius .

The band started in 2016 and went through several changes, many rehearsals were used to develop the Zappa sound and the cohesion among the musicians. Nowadays this septet is spreading around good/fun/smart vibes all across the Netherlands and beyond! Please check their page to get some more info about the line up and fresh updates! 

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2000 Motels


Madam Bruno manages and leads her own band "Vladimir Gonzales and Archimusici erranti" an acoustic-comedy, semi-serious ensemble with whom she performs since 2001.

A voice, a cello and a double bass to find yourself humming a forgotten distracted tune. They pay homage to the songs of a time that once was, without forgetting the recent days so far. From Brecht to Edith Piaf, from Rascel to De Andrè, all in an atmosphere that has fairy-tale tones, vaudeville and theatre song. 

Il Gorilla - Vladimir Gonzales e gli Archimusic erranti
Johnny tu nés pas un ange - Vladimir Gonzales e gli Archimusici erranti
Traditional and Roots

MadamBruno began her musical/theatre path by singing ancient  napolitan songs called   "villanelle"or "tammurriate". This kind of music is very well appreciated all around the world. She had the chance indeed to  tour between France, Belgium , Africa, Germany on the side of  some very good "characters" such as Giovanni Mauriello of the NCCP, Antonello Paliotti, Giovanni Coffarelli, Gabriele Barra...

Si te crediss'darem'martiell' - Valentina Bruno
Vola palomma vola - with Gabriele Barra&CatelloTucci
La morte de mariteto - Valentina Bruno
Lu Guarracino - Valentina Bruno
Les Apaches

The musical project of Les Apaches was born in early 2012 and put on hold when MadamBruno moved abroad. In an unpredictable path that flees every catalog and unrolls between unreleased tracks and covers, you may find yourselves laughing out loud and at the same time you get sick, even a bit nostalgic, in short… you are shaken between seriousness and facetiousness. Stories and settings, memories, suggestions and disguises are assembled and dismantled.

That’s the way they play a very serious musical game!

LaChat - Les Apaches
Scuotimi - Les Apaches
La vita qui in citta' - Les Apaches
La Sacra Famiglia

MadamBruno loves singing with more voices and so she did it with Pennelli di Vermeer in "La Sacra Famiglia", a musical tragicomedy in three acts she's been very passionate about and that toured quite a lot all around Italy from 2009 until 2011. 

Sconquassata live - La Sacra Famiglia_Pennelli di Vermeer
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