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Teatro del Montacarichi


There is a new project in MadamBruno's life since a while! A new space where any art can be mixed and played for every sort of friend or audience!

The project takes place within the framework of the Free Space Expedition, a municipal policy that focuses on protecting existing Free Space and realizing new Free Space. In view of the enormous space pressure on Amsterdam, good cooperation with the Expeditie Vrije Ruimte and Stadsdeel Noord was crucial to achieve this milestone. Now The Green Field really begins!   

How you can use TDM

The "Teatro del Montacarichi" is available for your solo or small performances, cozy rehearsals space or cozy private parties!


What MadamBruno offers @ TDM

Singing lessons & stage coaching

Het Groene Veld
GJ Scheurleerweg 212c
1027 BA Amsterdam

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